I don't have a question but I just want to tell you !! I loveeeeeee this blog it's AMAZINGGGGG!!!! Anastasia is my favorite !!!!!! Brings back childhood memories thank you !!!!!

Aw, this is so sweet!! Thank you so much!!!!!!

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Anastasia is my all time favorite movie. I'm so glad that you make these. Every time I think there is a shortage of Anastasia on my blog, I come here. Thanks so much.

No, thank you so much!!

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what psd and/or colorings do you use on your gifs? they're pretty!

ahh thank you! i use mostly psds by watsonly, sometimes i combine them or i just use the basics ones. all of her psds are really good (also a really good blog js).

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Anastasia was my movie when I was kid and oh my god, I've stumbled upon a blog dedicated to it. Thank you.

You’re very welcome!!

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Anastasia was me and my friends favorite princess when I was younger. She made me proud to be of Russian descent. I still have the VHS tape and piano song book. Looking at your blog makes me nostalgize. <3 Thank you so much!!! :D

Ahhh, thank you so so much!!! <3

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